Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Tau Huay VS Tou Foo Fa

(Floral shirt from Far East Plaza, crochet shorts from Hurs, Indian slippers from Mustafa Center, peacock earrings from F21) 

This is my 5th day in KL and 3rd day of school and I'm already happily doing some shopping hahah... my classmate actually drove me here for lunch and also for me, to get a scientific calculator as the stationary shop in Bangsar is pretty huge. It is no surprise I ended up with a couple of fictional novels and 2 tops.

My first night in KL was pretty bad... I cried a few times cause I just miss all my friends so much. But I guess it gets somewhat easier each night... I still miss everyone and the familiarity of knowing where I can get my necessities, where I can eat my favorite foods, where to get the best shopping deals... but I guess, as long as I keep myself busy, I will be fine. =)

For example, I was craving for tau huay (bean curd)... and it's easily available everywhere in Singapore but here, I have to keep a look out for this white van. (it's called tou foo fa in Malaysia) It's like a mobile store and they will make stops at different places. Luckily my friend drove past one of these mobile stores so I actually lowered the car window and shouted across that I wanted to buy soya bean and tou foo fa!

Sadly, Rochor beancurd is still wayyyy better. It's so much softer and sweeter.

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