Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Teen Vogue Best Dressed Reader Of The Day

Hahaha, I was apparently the best dressed reader of the day for the 8th of February but I never knew till today!! And this is embarrassing but I googled myself to see if my twitter or if this blog appeared and I came across this! So yeah, it was a rather pleasant surprise. :) 

Sorry for the lack of updates, been too busy at work. 

Friday, 24 February 2012

Messy And I Know It

(Tribal maxi from Hurs/ Headband worn as a bracelet from Diva/ Rayban shades/ Slippers from Ripcurl/ Leather sling bag from a flea market/ DIY Feather hairpiece ) 

Today I learned an important lesson, that I'm messy and sometimes probably am too overenthusiastic. Take for example, my outfit today had a lot going on with the tribal prints. On hindsight, I should have carried a simpler bag, oh well, I left it in the car anyway. 

Among all the maxis that I own, this has to be the freakiest one. I thought it was really ugly at first but somehow it just grew on me hahah. Unlike other maxis, this one has to be tied at the back so in a way, I will never be too fat for it even if I were to be 9 months pregnant! 

This feather hairpiece is something I made the night before and was really excited to wear it out this afternoon! Throughout the day, I was so afraid someone would just yank it out for a joke. What do you think? 

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Black And Yellow

(Button down shirt from Bugis Street/ Faux leather shorts from Posh/ Vintage Carlo Rino Bag from CGV/ DIY Feather necklace/ Ring from Topshop) 

Hahaha, Wiz Khalifa's Black And Yellow is playing in the background this very second that I'm updating this blog. 

No photos of my shoes today but I was wearing the Aldo gladiators that I love all too much. It goes with everything! Teehee and I just realized my Topshop ring looks like I'm perpetually giving someone the finger. Well... I guess it suits my sudden disgust for society lately?

Oh oh, this necklace is my very first DIY item I've probably attempted and actually succeeded. It's really simple yet chic. Since I'm going through a rather undesirable insomniac phase, I thought I would spend the time making my own necklaces and earrings. It's something I've always had an interest in but never really got the time nor inspiration to do it.

As anyone can tell, I'm a sucker for feathers. =) 

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Je suis pressé!

(Button down satin shirt from Hurs/ High Waisted skinny jeans from Bugis Street/ Beige wedges from Plain Jane/ Triple Gold necklace from Aldo)

These were taken at home. I was already in a rush to meet Sandra and the afternoon light was quickly fading away as the sun started to set... so I got my gamer of a brother to take some quick snap shots of me.

As you can see my hair wasn't even combed, it's all wet and my shirt isn't ironed. I really need to start making effort to iron my clothes, it's either you go all the way to style yourself nicely or you don't right? Rather than be all lazy and somewhat half hearted like me. 

This high waisted jeans is one of the many Valentine's Day gifts from Luqman, you can't tell it's high waisted I know... cause I didn't quite tuck it in. The color is a bit too light, it makes me look fat!!! Oh well, shall get the same one in a darker color soon. 

I've been sick from fever and the dreaded flu for the past few days... I hope it doesn't show in my face. =(
Do you think I should smile more? Yeah ok, that's a totally silly question. 

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Celebrity Style Crush

If there was anyone I absolutely adore and idolize, it's Vanessa Hudgens. To me, she can do no wrong especially when she dresses up (her "slack" outfits are so argh sometimes). She's my number 1 source of inspiration especially when I'm looking to wear something casual yet chic. 

Vanessa has that hippie bohemian style going on, which is something I try to incorporate into my style often as I identify myself as a free spirit as well. 

I've been awestruck by her beauty since HSM1, and from then on I've been following her closely. I'm still waiting for my hair to grow so I can get those gorgeous loose waves like hers. 

Will always love you Vanessa!

*Photos are taken all over the internet. 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I Found Love In A Hopeless Place

(Red bustier dress and brown loafers from Hurs/ Sheer leopard-printed outerwear from Ztamp/ Eagle necklace a gift from San Francisco/ Vintage sling bag from KL)

Happy Valentine's Day to all! I'm not much of a believer but whatever it is, take this day to show your gratitude to your lover (if you haven't already!) and if you're single (like yours truly), I hope you have the courage to say "I love you" to someone special and also the pride to know that being single doesn't mean you're unworthy of love. Attached or single, dress up, go out and have a ball of a time. 

I spent my Valentine's Day at the Jurong Bird Park accompanied by the soaring eagles and noisy parrots among many others. It was actually a little tough deciding what to wear as I was gonna be having dinner at Sofra (Turkish Restaurant) so I needed something thats not too casual but too dressy either!

So screw the heels and bring on the comfy loafers!

By the way, thanks Luqman for the excellent dinner and even better photo-taking. =)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Laneway Festival 2012

(Blouse and sling bag from KL/ Floppy Fedora from Topshop/ Shades from Cotton On/ Crochet shorts from Hurs/ Boots from J Shoes)

I was at Laneway last Sunday and as you can tell from the mass of hipsters behind me that this is where hipsters congregate. I love people watching at concerts and music festivals, you can tell that some of them really dress to impress and I love how some people let loose with their fashion! 

Yeah maybe it's a little ironic that I had on a hat and shades to ward off the sweltering heat yet I had tights too... Well what to do, I rather suffer a little than show everyone how ugly my thighs are. It was also today that Mardy (looking as effortlessly cool as always) and I realized JUST how important denim shorts hahah. 

Denim shorts are next on my shopping list and ooh yes, gonna add more feathers to my hair soon hehe.

Aside from the amazing fashion inspiration that I got, I was blown away by Feist and m83. They were amazing, their charisma and their music, their entire performance was perfect.  

Friday, 10 February 2012

I Am An Excellent Steel Horse

(Sheer leopard blouse from a flea market in Sydney/ Green shorts and belt from Bugis Street/ Burnt orange outerwear/ Platforms from Bugis Street)

Hi'yall, it's Thursday and I'm back at the Singapore Polo Club to visit my equestrian friends, this time armed with carrot and apple treats! The platforms are not really a practical choice for such a visit but I was out with my taller friends so I needed the extra height! 

I love this cardigan (sweater?), I love how it drapes on my shoulders and keeps me pleasantly warm even out in the hot weather. I'm starting to appreciate the burnt orange colour, there's something effortless and subtle about it. Maybe that's why monks and many colleges in America chose orange as their associated color?? 

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Leopards And More

(Leopard printed dress from Ztamp/ Dreamcatcher necklace from Rastafari/ Vintage bag from CGV/ Beige wedges from Plain Jane/ Ear cuff from Topshop)

Not another outfit that's not actually colorful! I'm a sucker for leopard prints, I have a leopard printed skirt, jeans, pants, scarves, dress and even an outerwear. It's like one of my favorite prints ever, I'm hoping to someday get a faux leopard fur coat. 

And yes I know, the lack of sleep is evident. (Hmm I'm starting to think my face can never go without blusher, so ugly!) I'm trying my best to sleep but I'm just stressing over my lack of funds for my upcoming trip to Bangkok, Cambodia and Vietnam. I can't be the only person who stresses over holidays right?

This ear cuff marks the end of shopping for the month of February till May when I spree at Bangkok's weekend market. :)

(Dress from Forever 21/ Booties from Zara/ Grey bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs)

Hehehe, my dear friend Sandra who decided to join in the fun. 

Monday, 6 February 2012

Starry Night

(Aztec blouse from Topshop/ Bandage skirt from Cotton On/ Necklace from Pull & Bear/ Gladiators from Aldo/ Accessories from all over)

Starry Night refers to the gorgeous painting by Van Gogh on exhibition at the National Museum. It's a fine piece of art, I'm no art connoisseur but one can appreciate the colors and the strange peacefulness that comes with it. Who doesn't love gazing and wishing among the stars? 

Van Gogh and I share one common interest and that's colors. Ok, just realized I've worn like black and white two posts in a row! That's rare. 

I swore to myself I'll never wear bandage skirts ever again cause they're for skinny chicks but once I saw this girl, who was let's just say not very skinny... she was rocking the bandage skirt. She looked stylish and sexy despite her size so you could say I was inspired by her. :)

By the way, do check out the Dreams & Reality arts exhibition. You won't regret it. 

Friday, 3 February 2012

Monochrome Or Not

(Vintage blouse from CGV/ Sling bag from Kuala Lumpur/ Shorts from Hurs/ Boots from H&M/ Rings from Topshop and Diva/ Earrings from Diva)

Ahaha, shorts! Now that's a rare occurrence, I tend to avoid wearing shorts as I have fat thighs which I try to minimize with the help of black tights. I think these cute pair of shorts was meant to be high waisted but its a bit loose so it sits on my hips instead.

Those earrings, I must had them for over a year yet this is probably the first time I've worn them out. You see, I'm really a color loving individual (as evident from the rest of my outfits)... thus this turquoise bag for a pop of color!

If you're here... please leave a comment. =P

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Little Gangsters

(Vintage dress from CGV/ high waisted belt from Talisman/ brown loafers from Green Poppies/ red bag from Bangkok/ vintage wooden bangle- my mother's) 

Spent a little time at Bugis before heading over to Henderson Road to babysit a class of demented 10 year olds. Kids are an unfamiliar territory for me, I pick a herd of horses to look after any day. I've never felt so lost, frustrated and desperate all at once in a long, long time. Kids, they can smell fear. 

Anyway who knew Tiong Bahru had such a pretty playground nearby! Managed to squeeze in 15 minutes of play time for myself. :)

Are We Not Horses?

(Sequinned top from Blogshopping/ Pleated flare pants & floppy hat from Topshop/ Gladiators from Aldo/ Assorted accessories from all over)

Today was close to perfect, went to visit my beautiful horses at the Singapore Polo Club where I used to work. It's one of the few places I really really miss working at. I didn't expect to visit them today, it was a spur of the moment but oh my gosh, the horses remembered me. They're still as loving, magnificent and messy as ever. 

I have a thing for sequined items, like blouses, skirts, beanies... etc. When worn the right way, they can be stylish and even add a zest to an otherwise boring outfit. Think a white tank top with jeans, throw on a sequined blazer for night or a sequined beanie for daytime. Do you guys have any idea what other pair of shoes I could pair my pants with other than slippers or sandals? 

And oh yeah, I'm definitely a gypsy. :P