Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Inspiration Board: Hunger Games

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts, I don't really have any time to take photos of what I wear at school so I thought I'll update about other stuff as well. I'll try to keep it as fashion related as possible. 

I'm really obsessed with the Hunger Games at the moment, I devoured the first two books in a night  and I love the movie so much, I can watch it over and over again! (if not for the 14RM movie price tag that came along with it) Katniss has a killer wardrobe in the movie and yes, I will be channeling the tomboy/huntress look for a bit.

Till I get bored of it of course. 

(Source: Fabsugar)

I think it's a good thing a FedEx parcel came in today with my military jacket in it. I'm already thinking of wearing it with everything! Argh I'm just so sad I don't have my favorite pair of boots with me, it's just too impractical for school with all its stair climbing. Hmm, now all I need to do is to find myself a denim dress, cargo pants and a black slouchy shirt. =) 

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