Thursday, 26 January 2012


(Dress from theblogshop/ belt from Elitrend/ Rayban shades/ Aldo gladiators/ assorted bangles from Little India)

Post French language lesson.

I kinda embarrassed myself in class by volunteering to give directions in French. Who the hell was I trying to kid, I couldn't even give directions in my own native language!! Anyway, when you have to get through the day with barely 3 hours of sleep, you don't really wanna waste time thinking what to wear. Days like these calls for simplicity and that means dresses!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


(Mustard Shirt from Hurs/ Studded Skirt from OhSoFickle/ Deer Necklace/ Hellraiser knock offs)

This is my first attempt at fashion blogging and I'm proceeding with both caution and utter bewilderment. I'm no high flier. I don't have any glamourous photographer boyfriend nor a pair of endless legs. I don't have a sea of heels either. But I love fashion, clothes and playing around with the budget that I have.

Watched The Viral Factor with Luqman, we've been watching mandarin movies in the spirit of CNY! Bugis was a ghost town, but as I've told him, if all the foreign talents/ workers were to suddenly disappear, this is probably how relaxed and slow-paced the day would go by. Breathing space, personal space, we've taken all these for granted.