Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Birds Of Paradise

(One shoulder top and brass knuckle rings from Arab Street, Floral bandage skirt from Pull & Bear, Beige wedges from Plain Jane, feather earrings from Nadiah L.)

Yeah so maybe with this beautiful floral skirt coupled with my feather earrings, I feel like a bird of paradise, albeit a fat one. I've been going out with my friends a lot lately and sleeping late so I eat a lot and it's really starting to show I feel, just look at that chubby face! I feel quite grossed out just looking at these photos. 

Anyway, I don't wear heels/ wedges often but since I was gonna have steak frites from Les Bouchons at Ann Siang Hill, I did! Ann Siang Hill is one of my favorite places to be, it just looks very pseudo European especially with the high density of caucasians customers that patronize the restaurants there. 

I'm a huge (no pun intended) fan of steak, meat and beef is totally my thing. The fries was damn good as well, nicely salted and crispy. Did I mention there was a free flow of fries? Anyway I nearly forgot, this isn't a food blog lol. 

So before I digress further... I really love one shoulder tops, they're so casual yet so dressy at the same time and anyone can feel graceful in them you know? I'm quite glad I bought it although after a few moments of buying it,  I was dead broke! =X

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