Saturday, 10 March 2012

Sneak Peek: Nadiah L.

Sorry for the lack of updates once again, been a busy bee. I'm hoping to launch my handmade accessory line, known as Nadiah L. (I know, I know no creativity but I like my name lol) and this was the shoot I did. My friend modeled them beautifully I must say. :) 

This collection will be all about tassels and feathers, who doesn't love them right! 

I started this about two weeks ago when I saw a really really nice feather necklace at Topshop that I really wanted but by the time I went back, it was sold out! So anyway, I thought hey, might as well make my own and I could alter and customize it in any way I wanted. So I began making accessories at night, I'm an insomniac so doing this was a great way to kill time productively! 

I have no training whatsoever lol and I'm a "why make it when you can buy it" kinda girl so you can imagine my excitement when I completed my very first necklace hahaha! 

Do keep a look out for more. 


  1. so pretty!! love the photos!


  2. I love the 2nd one! That's crazy and awesome at the same time! Had a great time at your place just now dear :D! Thank you so much for the great hospitality!

    1. I like the second one too but I have yet to sell it... you have to teach me how to go about selling stuff in singapore & msia!!