Saturday, 17 March 2012

Last But Not Least

(Leopard printed dress from Ztamp/ peacock earrings from F21/ random accessories from everywhere/ Sandals from Hurs/ Thrifted belt)

This marks my last post in Singapore before I head off to Kuala Lumpur; Malaysia to do my degree there for a year and a half before heading up to UK. Packing has proved to be difficult for me as I have so many favorite outfits and accessories, not to mention shoes! I feel sad that I have to leave some of them behind... especially my beloved boots! Oh well... its not like I won't be shopping there anyway... haha. 

Time check. 4:05am. 

Flying off in 5 hours. I know some people may think that it's no big deal, after all, it's just Malaysia. It's only 1 hour away from Singapore by flight or 6 hours away by bus. However close I still am to home, it's not like I can meet my friends as and when I want, it's not like I can go home to my Mummy's cooking... I now have to share a room with someone. For the first time in my life, I am truly alone. 

I'm scared, worried, lonely and also very excited. 

Oops, I've gotten a bit too personal with this blog. Hehe. 

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