About Me

Nadiah. 22. Psychology student. Currently residing in Singapore.

Hi there!

First off, welcome to my humble fashion blog. Humble because I'm not "avant-garde" or "high fashion" as many of the other bloggers out there. I don't fly to Europe or the States on a regular basis. I prefer to wear flats despite a stature of merely 5ft.

But that's the beauty of style isn't it. You can be stylish without any of those things no?

Coffee, Clothes & Happiness is a photographic documentation of my personal style. I experiment and play around with the budget that I have. I'm after all, a poor student. I tend to gravitate towards the more hippie and vintage style. You can expect colors from me, loads of them! But I'm a bipolar dresser and get bored really easily so in the end, it really comes down to what my mood is like.

If you like my style and believe that I can (or may) inspire you, please follow me at bloglovin'.

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