Friday, 3 February 2012

Monochrome Or Not

(Vintage blouse from CGV/ Sling bag from Kuala Lumpur/ Shorts from Hurs/ Boots from H&M/ Rings from Topshop and Diva/ Earrings from Diva)

Ahaha, shorts! Now that's a rare occurrence, I tend to avoid wearing shorts as I have fat thighs which I try to minimize with the help of black tights. I think these cute pair of shorts was meant to be high waisted but its a bit loose so it sits on my hips instead.

Those earrings, I must had them for over a year yet this is probably the first time I've worn them out. You see, I'm really a color loving individual (as evident from the rest of my outfits)... thus this turquoise bag for a pop of color!

If you're here... please leave a comment. =P


  1. You look stunning as usual Nad but I ove this outfit combo most! ! !

    1. hahaha cause that top was from CGV. =P