Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Je suis pressé!

(Button down satin shirt from Hurs/ High Waisted skinny jeans from Bugis Street/ Beige wedges from Plain Jane/ Triple Gold necklace from Aldo)

These were taken at home. I was already in a rush to meet Sandra and the afternoon light was quickly fading away as the sun started to set... so I got my gamer of a brother to take some quick snap shots of me.

As you can see my hair wasn't even combed, it's all wet and my shirt isn't ironed. I really need to start making effort to iron my clothes, it's either you go all the way to style yourself nicely or you don't right? Rather than be all lazy and somewhat half hearted like me. 

This high waisted jeans is one of the many Valentine's Day gifts from Luqman, you can't tell it's high waisted I know... cause I didn't quite tuck it in. The color is a bit too light, it makes me look fat!!! Oh well, shall get the same one in a darker color soon. 

I've been sick from fever and the dreaded flu for the past few days... I hope it doesn't show in my face. =(
Do you think I should smile more? Yeah ok, that's a totally silly question. 

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