Thursday, 23 February 2012

Black And Yellow

(Button down shirt from Bugis Street/ Faux leather shorts from Posh/ Vintage Carlo Rino Bag from CGV/ DIY Feather necklace/ Ring from Topshop) 

Hahaha, Wiz Khalifa's Black And Yellow is playing in the background this very second that I'm updating this blog. 

No photos of my shoes today but I was wearing the Aldo gladiators that I love all too much. It goes with everything! Teehee and I just realized my Topshop ring looks like I'm perpetually giving someone the finger. Well... I guess it suits my sudden disgust for society lately?

Oh oh, this necklace is my very first DIY item I've probably attempted and actually succeeded. It's really simple yet chic. Since I'm going through a rather undesirable insomniac phase, I thought I would spend the time making my own necklaces and earrings. It's something I've always had an interest in but never really got the time nor inspiration to do it.

As anyone can tell, I'm a sucker for feathers. =) 


  1. Nad I think Yellow's made for you! Really nice and bright!

    1. aww thanks! I don't have many yellow pieces. Anyway I finally know how to link your blog from my post so next time my readers will find their way to CGV. =)

    2. Thank you so much :D! Get well soon!