Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Laneway Festival 2012

(Blouse and sling bag from KL/ Floppy Fedora from Topshop/ Shades from Cotton On/ Crochet shorts from Hurs/ Boots from J Shoes)

I was at Laneway last Sunday and as you can tell from the mass of hipsters behind me that this is where hipsters congregate. I love people watching at concerts and music festivals, you can tell that some of them really dress to impress and I love how some people let loose with their fashion! 

Yeah maybe it's a little ironic that I had on a hat and shades to ward off the sweltering heat yet I had tights too... Well what to do, I rather suffer a little than show everyone how ugly my thighs are. It was also today that Mardy (looking as effortlessly cool as always) and I realized JUST how important denim shorts hahah. 

Denim shorts are next on my shopping list and ooh yes, gonna add more feathers to my hair soon hehe.

Aside from the amazing fashion inspiration that I got, I was blown away by Feist and m83. They were amazing, their charisma and their music, their entire performance was perfect.  

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