Friday, 10 February 2012

I Am An Excellent Steel Horse

(Sheer leopard blouse from a flea market in Sydney/ Green shorts and belt from Bugis Street/ Burnt orange outerwear/ Platforms from Bugis Street)

Hi'yall, it's Thursday and I'm back at the Singapore Polo Club to visit my equestrian friends, this time armed with carrot and apple treats! The platforms are not really a practical choice for such a visit but I was out with my taller friends so I needed the extra height! 

I love this cardigan (sweater?), I love how it drapes on my shoulders and keeps me pleasantly warm even out in the hot weather. I'm starting to appreciate the burnt orange colour, there's something effortless and subtle about it. Maybe that's why monks and many colleges in America chose orange as their associated color?? 

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