Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Leopards And More

(Leopard printed dress from Ztamp/ Dreamcatcher necklace from Rastafari/ Vintage bag from CGV/ Beige wedges from Plain Jane/ Ear cuff from Topshop)

Not another outfit that's not actually colorful! I'm a sucker for leopard prints, I have a leopard printed skirt, jeans, pants, scarves, dress and even an outerwear. It's like one of my favorite prints ever, I'm hoping to someday get a faux leopard fur coat. 

And yes I know, the lack of sleep is evident. (Hmm I'm starting to think my face can never go without blusher, so ugly!) I'm trying my best to sleep but I'm just stressing over my lack of funds for my upcoming trip to Bangkok, Cambodia and Vietnam. I can't be the only person who stresses over holidays right?

This ear cuff marks the end of shopping for the month of February till May when I spree at Bangkok's weekend market. :)

(Dress from Forever 21/ Booties from Zara/ Grey bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs)

Hehehe, my dear friend Sandra who decided to join in the fun. 

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